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Palm Plantation

Palm oil is no longer a product of mere gathering by people who rely on rainforests for a living. Oil palm cultivation has turned into a lucrative and expanding business. Yet, like any business, it requires patience, reasonable management, monitoring, and a strong producer’s background. Oil palm plantations embrace subtropical and tropical latitudes, providing the best climate for the crop to thrive. Growth and production of oil palm are popular in Nigeria, India, Equador, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Thailand, etc. Alongside Indonesia, vast oil palm plantations in Malaysia rank top among global market suppliers.

  • We are looking to kickstart with 1000 Snails.
  • 500 Palm Trees with strong zeal of expansion.
  • Our Palm Plantation Aim:.

    Exporting over 2000 gallons in a week from the farm produce, also to provide services to external producers.

Palm Plantation Farm | NworaFarms.

Benefits of our Palm Plantation Farm

  • Poverty Allieveation Source
  • Increase in Revenue.
  • Economic Relevance.
  • Serves as a food preparation product.
  • Versatile in Nature.